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Smith Chiropractic Clinic moved to its new home at 208 E Cornerview Street in August of 2015. After extensive renovations the building has become a welcoming and comfortable place for Dr. Smith and his team to care for patients.

We offer state of the art technology and exceptional service in a warm and inviting location. We look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Come see us to learn more about our nutritional supplements, weight loss services and experience Chiropractic care in a relaxing and caring environment.

Dr. Phillip Smith
Gonzales Chiropractor | Smith Chiropractic Clinic | (225)-644-8671

208 East Cornerview Street
Gonzales, Louisiana 70737

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Meet Dr. Smith and the team!

  • Dr.
    Phillip Smith, DC
    Dr. Smith completed his undergraduate studies at Wabash College and Illinois College before he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan Chiropractic College in 1977. He practiced for two years in southern Illinois before moving to Gonzales in 1980, where he has maintained a successful private practice ever since.

    Dr. Smith and his wife Vera, have four sons, Shannon, Nathan, Matthew and Jonathan. When not working with patients, Dr. Smith spends his time as a volunteer for the Civil Air Patrol US Air Force Auxiliary. He is the local squadron commander. Besides caring for his patients, flying is what he most enjoys.

    Why did he choose chiropractic---

    “In high school I suffered a football injury to my lower back which eventually caused me to suffer from severe bladder infections. These did not improve with conventional medical care. As a last resort, after years of suffering, I gave chiropractic a try and for the first time I started to get better. I have spent my career providing chiropractic care such that others can find wellness without medications and surgery. I treat my patients the way I treat my family with respect and compassion, but also with a deep respect for the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Chiropractic care facilitates that natural healing, boosts the immune system, and allows the body to maintain wellness. While chiropractic care and therapy help to relieve pain following an accident or injury, it is important that patients understand the need to maintain their health through on going care. We focus on nutrition, weight loss, exercise, healthy sleep habits and managing the effects of stress on the body. Patients often give me a list of health goals such as: Restored health - Increased Energy - Improved Sleep - Less Stress - Clearer thinking and better focus. That’s a big list, but Chiropractic Care allows the body to restore health and many patients reach their goals. I encourage you to come visit our clinic and talk about your goals. It is always a pleasure to serve our patients.” - Dr. Smith

  • Briana Myers
    Office Administrator
    Briana is a native of Birmingham, AL who found herself in Cajun Country after marrying in 2015. Before joining the Smith Chiropractic Team, she worked in Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, and Pain Management with a combined total of 6 years’ experience. As our current office administrator, she handles all financial planning with patients, including insurance verification and processing of referrals for outside imaging and specialists.

    “My work, as part of the Smith Chiropractic Team, is most rewarding because of the miracles that happen here! I absolutely love our patients and this staff. We are a close-knit staff who takes the time to get to know our patients and their families on a first names basis. We strive to make sure that our patients always feel welcome, comfortable, and cared about. It is amazing to watch the transformations that happen within the walls of this clinic! Having been on both sides of healthcare, it is a wonderful change of pace to find patients who are eager and dedicated to reaching optimal health naturally! My entire family, including my two little boys, ages 3 and 1 treat with Dr. Smith.”

  • Mistie Cazelot
    New Patient Coordinator CA

    Mistie is a resident of the small town of Napoleonville, and has been married for two years. Together, her and her husband are enjoying life with their one year old little boy, Jase Tyler. In her spare time she enjoys going to their camp, spending time on the river and fishing. She also loves deer hunting. 

    '9 times out of 10, you'll find me and my family outdoors enjoying quality time together! I recently hired on with Smith Chiropractic and am loving it! It is wonderful working with such a small team who truly cares about their patients. I love each and everyone one of the patient's I've had the chance to meet already, and look forward to all of the opportunities I will have working as Dr. Smith's assistant!'

  • Elienai Tercero
    Therapy CA
    Elienai, or Elie for short, is a native of Wisconsin. She moved to Gonzales in 2012 and is a graduate of East Ascension High School. She has been part of the Smith Chiropractic Team for 4 years, and is cross trained in many positions across the office, although she spends most of the time at the front desk as the first impression of our clinic and team.

    Elie is one of our bilingual CA’s, so you can often find her assisting our Hispanic patients with paperwork or our self-check-in system, or translating for exams and adjustments.

    She is currently enrolled in Baton Rouge Community College, working towards her nursing degree.

    “I have always loved being able to help people in any way that I can, so working in the medical field is the perfect fit for me! I loved seeing the progress our patients make here at the office, and how happy they are to have discovered chiropractic care and its benefits!”

  • Hannah Horner
    Front Desk CA

    Hannah is the proud daughter of a United States Marine, which has given her the opportunity to travel the country and live coast to coast. It was during his duty station here in Louisiana that she developed her love for the South, and decided this is where she would plant her roots. While she was living in Nebraska, she was under the care of a chiropractor which sparked her first interest in Chiropractic Care. 

    Having such a passion for helping people, and believing wholeheartedly in the results others could achieve from chiropractic care, made the decision to join the Smith Chiropractic team an easy choice for her. She knew immediately that this would be the perfect fit she was looking for.

    'The patients are hands down my favorite part of my job. Having the opportunity to get to know them and their families personally makes me love being part of the Smith Chiropractic family. I have had the opportunity to watch so many of our patient's live transform through their chiropractic care. It is incredible to see people go from excruciating pain and in tears, to walking through to door with a smile on their face in just a matter of a few short weeks!'

  • Giovanna Leyva-Marquez
    Therapy/X-ray CCCA
    Giovanna has a background in front desk administration, and joined the Smith Chiropractic Team in 2015 as our front desk assistant. In 2016, she became interested in learning more about our therapy department and how it ran. In January of 2017 she made the switch from front desk assistant to Therapy Tech earning a Certified Clinic Chiropractic Assistant (or CCCA) certification. Giovanna now runs our therapy
    department, which entails doing passive therapy, active therapy and also educating patients on their home care, which is all laid out by Dr. Smith. In 2017, Giovanna also received her certification in Chiropractic Radiographic
    Technology, so you may also see her doing exams alongside Dr. Smith and doing X-rays.

    Giovanna is a native of Chihuahua Mexico, but moved here with her family in 1996. Since then she has resided in Gonzales, and now considers it to be her second home. Giovanna is a 2012 graduate from East Ascension High School. In her spare time Giovanna likes to spend with her family and friends, going on hikes and finding new dessert recipes to bake.


Our Patients' Chiropractic Stories

    "After suffering from pain and stiffness in my upper body and neck, I came across Dr. Smith’s contact information online. I was so tired of hurting all the time, that I decided to give chiropractic care a try. I was hoping to get answers and relief from the neck pain that brought me in, but little did I know how greatly my life would change after beginning care. I am now, not only pain free, but my allergies have improved, stomach issues I was having have resolved, and my energy levels have also increased! I am now on a maintenance program and consider myself part of the Smith Chiro family! I will stay under regular chiropractic care for the rest of my life. I believe had I not began care when I did, in another 10 years I would be unable to enjoy life to the fullest, and I would be suffering with unforgiving pain. Dr. Smith and his staff are so great and welcoming, and the office is always a laid back and fun place to be!"
    Jeff J
    "I was referred to Dr. Smith's office by a friend after I began having serious back and neck pain. Occasionally the pain was so severe that I was unable to get out of bed. My favorite part of chiropractic care is that I am now more energetic, pain free, and able to accomplish all of my daily tasks. I plan to continue chiropractic care to help support an overall healthy lifestyle and long term wellness. To top it all off, Dr. Smith has the friendliest staff members!"
    Cy T.
    "I was referred to Smith Chiropractic by a friend back in 1986, because I was suffering from severe headaches every day. I was having such terrible headaches, that I was taking a bottle of Excedrin every week. Since beginning regular chiropractic care, I rarely have headaches and am able to keep up with my very busy grandchildren!Without chiropractic care, I fear I would have ended up having a life dependent on prescription drugs and painkillers. The decision to take on a lifetime of chiropractic care was made many years ago, so that I could ensure my latter years wouldn’t be spent watching everyone else enjoy life. The results from chiropractic care are real and lasting, not just a “quick fix”. Dr. Smith and his staff are always smiling, making their clinic a fun and inviting place to be!"
    Vera S.
    ""I was referred to Dr. Smith by my parents, who also saw him for regular chiropractic care. When I first came to his office I was having severe neck and back pain which was interfering with my active lifestyle. Every adjustment allows me to wake up feeling new and refreshed! The atmosphere and staff at his office are outstanding! It has become my second home. I have no doubt that I'll introduce chiropractic care early on in my children's lives so that they can live a long, healthy life like I do!""
    Darbie K.
    "When I began seeing Dr. Smith in March, I could hardly peel myself off of the adjustment table due to an injury. He an his staff are so professional and knowledgeable. Customer service and patient care have always been excellent. I am so excited to be pain free and in overall better health! Special thanks to the girls for always being so sweet and welcoming, and of course, Dr. Smith for all that you have done!!"
    Kaitlyn B.
    "I began visiting Dr. Smith two years ago due to an accident. He has helped tremendously to give me a pain free life once again! Thanks Doc!"
    Brittney R.
    "I've been going to Dr. Smith for 3 months now, and have felt no pain. Knows his stuff and has a very awesome staff. Can't say enough. Love them all!"
    Kim C.

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